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David Knopp has explored the aesthetic qual­i­ties of line for many years, first with life draw­ings, then with sculp­ture. A single line can express gesture and move­ment, direc­tion and depth on a flat surface. Knopp made his first sculp­tures with plywood and was surprised to discover the linear strata inher­ent in the medium. Carving lami­nated blocks of the wood, Knopp creates flowing, liquid lines that engage the senses as the eye travels over the compli­cated contours of his objects.

The artist prefers an intu­itive process, viewing the collab­o­ra­tion between ideas and mate­ri­als central to his creative output. His creations start with a vision and a rough sketch. There are no defined templates or 3D models or soft­ware used. His pieces are func­tional, but he tends to focus on the aesthetic qual­i­ties rather than design prin­ci­ples. Every finished piece is a one of a kind. The constant changes that occur as he works keep the work alive as it morphs into his inter­pre­ta­tion. The process is para­mount. The Towson resi­dent has lived in Balti­more, Mary­land and Balti­more County for his entire life, and he attended both Essex Commu­nity College and Towson Univer­sity. Recently he was awarded one of the Mary Sawyer Baker Artist Awards, which included the oppor­tu­nity to exhibit a selec­tion of his sculp­tures at the Balti­more Museum of Art in Septem­ber, 2012. In the same year he was selected as a recip­i­ent of the Mary­land State Art Council’s Indi­vid­ual Artist Award. He was a semi-final­ist for The Sond­heim Prize in 2013

Baltimore, MD
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