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Bruce Brad­ford is a furni­ture designer who is craft­ing unique works with an artis­tic and func­tional signif­i­cance. Inspired by mid-century Danish furni­ture, he likes to incor­po­rate sculp­tural elements into each piece, with the inten­tion of making them func­tional works of art”. Born in 1960 in Western Michi­gan, he obtained a BS in Pack­ag­ing Engi­neer­ing from Michi­gan State Univer­sity in 1982. He then moved to Winston Salem, NC in 1983 to work at RJ Reynolds Tobacco Inter­na­tional. He began his profes­sional wood­work­ing career in 1999 when he received his first commis­sion, a free stand­ing wooden spiral stair­case. In 2000 and 2001 he trav­eled to Ander­son Ranch Art Center in Colorado to attend classes led by Sam Maloof spark­ing his passion for chair making. In 2002 he left RJ Reynolds Tobacco Inter­na­tional and concen­trated full time on making and design­ing furni­ture. Over his career he has created over 225 pieces.

Winston salem, NC
Professional Status