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Amanda Yoder was born and raised in a small town outside of Raleigh, NC to a family of DIYers. After study­ing musical theatre at East Carolina Univer­sity, she moved to NYC to continue pursu­ing a career in the perform­ing arts. When the world turned upside down in Spring 2020, all bets were off. Newly married to another south­erner, she left the big city and settled in the moun­tains of her home state, where she and her husband Blake started a small urban farm and adopted a Victo­rian farm­house. The massive amount of change and uncer­tainty caused by the pandemic and other personal circum­stances caused Amanda to reeval­u­ate the trajec­tory of her artist career. Having grown up around power tools and figure-it-outers, she was only a weekend project away from consid­er­ing wood­work­ing as the next leg of her creative journey. Things just clicked when Amanda started learn­ing about fine wood­work­ing tech­niques that could produce some­thing on a totally differ­ent plane than a 2x4 bed plat­form. Amanda is now in her final year of Haywood Commu­nity College’s Profes­sional Crafts program and recently launched her furni­ture busi­ness, Coda Wood Studio.

Waynesville, NC
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