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Allison Samuels Naima Green

allison eve samuels oper­ates both their small busi­ness Two Tree Studios (founded 2017), and educa­tion initia­tive The Level Up Project (founded 2020), out of their East Williams­burg studio. Through these enti­ties, samuels pursues slow & respon­sive design, trans­lat­ing the concept of sustain­abil­ity’ beyond mate­r­ial sourc­ing & waste manage­ment, into a larger working ethos.

samuels’ eye for mini­mal­ism, strong crafts­man­ship and appre­ci­a­tion for the natural world is felt through­out their wooden furni­ture, vessels & sculp­ture. From their produc­tion prac­tices, to center­ing knowl­edge-sharing & redis­tri­b­u­tion, samuels strives to keep their foot­print light, while contribut­ing to a more equi­table future within their industry.

Brooklyn, NY
Professional Status
Designer, maker, organizer