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Allison Samuels Naima Green

Through their small busi­ness Two Tree Studios, and educa­tion & network-build­ing initia­tive The Level Up Project, Allison Eve Samuels believes sustain­able design” must go beyond mate­r­ial sourc­ing & waste manage­ment, and trans­late into a larger working ethos. Through both of these enti­ties, Samuels is able to explore the complex­i­ties of build­ing an evolv­ing, values-driven art prac­tice-as-busi­ness, holding account­able to their clients and commu­nity. Envi­sion­ing and build­ing sustain­able struc­tures within their designs, orga­niz­ing & produc­tion prac­tices, collab­o­ra­tions, knowl­edge-sharing & wealth redis­tri­b­u­tion, are some ways Samuels strives to main­tain a light foot­print, while contribut­ing to a more equi­table future within their industry.

Brooklyn, NY
Professional Status
Designer, maker, organizer