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Tuna Fish Sandwich Recipes

At the 2010 FS Confer­ence at MIT, as a fundraiser members bought raffle tickets to be able to have lunch with Garry and John as they prepared and served their nour­ish­ing tuna fish sand­wich recipes to the winners. (Hayami made and served the gin martini’s).

The Tuna Sand­wich by
Garry Knox Bennett

The follow­ing are the ingre­di­ents and amounts I gener­ally use. Portions will vary accord­ing to personal preferences.


12 oz can good quality tuna (chunk white etc.) use lid to press and drain well.

Sliced bread, soft and chewy, not dense (sour­dough etc., wants to be airy”) two slices per person (or open face) preferably toasted.

Grated parme­san cheese, ¼ cup or more prefer­ably (to taste).

Small can sliced (not chopped) black olives.

Best Foods (or Hell­mans) real mayon­naise, 3 to 4 heaping tblsp.

Pickle relish, two tblsp. drained.

White onion, finely chopped, two tblsp.

Optional: capers, small, drained, one teasp.

Red pepper flakes, gener­ous sprin­kle, (to taste).

AND: the secret ingrediant…….curry powder, at least one teasp., prefer­ably more, (to taste).

Fresh ground pepper (check taste before adding salt).

Serve with good potato chips and a chilled bottle of San Giovase (SP??)

John Dunnigan’s Recipe for TFS (RI style)

Ingre­di­ents for my recipe (not GKB’s):

Good quality white tuna in water.

Hell­man’s Mayo.

Ripe but not mushy avocados.


Decent curry powder.

Frank’s (Durkees) Red Hot Sauce.

Portuguese sweet muffins (the name escapes me now).

Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Any old vermouth because you don’t really use it anyway — or what­ever you prefer.


Large Green olives.

Martini recipe adjusted to suit the resi­dent expert (you!).

Garry is very partic­u­lar about the chips so I’ll let him decide on that. He has his own recipes for tuna and marti­nis of course.

Looking forward to seeing you. Thanks.