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Coby Unger

Maker, Designer, Educator, TFS Member

Coby Unger

Coby Unger is a maker of things and a connois­seur of high fives. His back­ground is in wood­work­ing, product design and mess making. He studied Indus­trial Design at Philadel­phia Univer­sity and spent several months as a resi­dent artist at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Work­shop. Coby prides himself on being a profes­sional amateur, and dabbles in many fields. In his design prac­tice he likes to supple­ment his more serous work with playful and humor­ous projects. His recent endeav­ors include a mobile maker lab in India, effi­cient biomass cooking stoves, and low cost pros­thetic devices, as well as playful public furni­ture, skate boards, bicy­cles and some complex wood turn­ings. Currently he is living in Somerville Mass­a­chu­setts and working as an instruc­tor at the MIT Hobby Shop.

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