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Chris Martin

Educa­tor, designer, and maker

Chris Martin

Educa­tor, designer, and maker Chris Martin is based in Ames, Iowa, where he is currently Profes­sor of Art and Visual Culture at Iowa State Univer­sity. He holds a BFA in Craft Design (ISU 1990) and an MFA in Furni­ture Design (RISD 1994). In addi­tion to his teach­ing duties at ISU, Chris has designed and produced furni­ture pieces for both commis­sion and gallery exhi­bi­tions. In 2008 Chris and his wife,Tammi, took leave from ISU for two years of service as U.S. Peace Corps Volun­teers in the West African country of Ghana. More recently Chris was awarded a Fulbright Fellow­ship, spend­ing five months in India working with tradi­tional arti­sans and modern crafts­peo­ple to develop a series of contem­po­rary furni­ture pieces that pay rever­ence to the rich­ness of India’s tradi­tional craft culture.

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