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Ana Cho

2020 Graduate - Krenov School of Fine Furniture

Ana Cho

I was born in South Korea and spent my formative years in both Korea and BC, Canada. Most recently, I was living in Los Angeles where I was a part-time potter and a full-time video game artist. I am compelled to make things by hand and challenge myself in ways that encourage me to grow as a maker as well as a person.

While taking classes at Allied Woodshop and OTIS college of art and design in Los Angeles, I was immediately intrigued by wood and wanted to build a deeper relationship with it. I had a new dream of pursuing woodworking alongside pottery.

In spring 2019, I left my career in the digital world and moved to Fort Bragg to attend the Krenov School. I’m looking forward to finding a harmonious way to work with clay and wood, and eventually, I would also like to apply my skills to help empower women, and work with youth in under-serviced communities.