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Stephanie Sloane - Athena Outfitters

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Stephanie Sloane - Athena Outfitters

We’re Athena Outfitters. A quality workwear brand for hardworking women that sells everything you need to get the job done—from work boots to basics. We curate the toughest essentials made to help you perform. Every piece is handpicked to seamlessly slide right into your daily lifestyle.

We pack bold belief into every word we say, because the women we serve don’t take anyone’s shit. We have the best products, so we’ll say it. We serve badass customers, so we’ll say it. And when it comes to women (and gender non-comforming) empowerment, we already got our soapbox built.

We’re old souls with modern hearts. Today’s culture and trends are in our back pocket, but we focus on the timeless things. Like some clever sass, quality craftsmanship, and a heritage of hard work.


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