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Jackie Hersh

Director at Artrider Productions

Artrider Productions

Jackie Hersh

Jackie Jarit Sobel Hersh is the Director Artrider Productions and works in all aspects of event production and management including operations, marketing, graphic design, social media, budgeting, strategic/contingency planning, and customer service. During her time as director, Artrider has been selected to revitalize the craft show held at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in NYC as well as the Guilford Craft Expo in Guilford, CT. Jackie has worked in the event production industry for over 11 years (or really, her whole life since her parents started the company in 1982) and the craft community, its culture, and the people are her passion. She resides in New Paltz, New York, with her husband Matthew and their son, Lucas. In her spare time, she is a novice weaver and is on the board of the PTA. Artrider produces nationally acclaimed juried contemporary fine craft shows in NY, NJ, and CT. Their events maintain the highest standards and reflect an unwavering dedication to excellence. Artrider demonstrates a longstanding commitment to sustaining the careers of thousands of American craftspeople by bringing 75k+ loyal arts-conscious shoppers to their events every year.


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