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Bella Weinstein

Founder of Handyma'am Goods

Bella Weinstein

I started Handyma’am Goods in 2014 when I found myself underwhelmed with the selection of well-made, durable clothing for women in the marketplace. A hair stylist turned art director, with no design background may seem an unlikely candidate to create technical silhouettes, but I did it anyway. I believe if you put in the work, you can learn, and do anything. I started the brand not because I am a master carpenter, but because I love working with my hands, appreciate good craftsmanship, and wanted clothes that fit my can’t-sit-still lifestyle. Along the way, the support of my wildly talented friends and ever-growing community of ma’ams has shaped the way Handyma’am has evolved.

Now, still at the helm, I am a new mama based in Richmond, VA with my partner and two rambunctious cattle dogs. Like all of you out there, I am challenged daily to juggle work, life, and a seemingly endless array of hobbies. Now, I have the wardrobe for all of it.


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