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2020 EFASO Appli­ca­tions accepted between Septem­ber 16-Novem­ber 82019

The Furni­ture Society proudly announces the return of member­ship benefit, EFASO (Exhibit­ing Furni­ture and Sculp­tural Objects). This program has been made possi­ble through the gener­ous support of the John and Robyn Horn Foundation. 

The Furni­ture Society’s goal is to empha­size and encour­age exhi­bi­tions of quality furni­ture at the national level in further­ance of the organization’s mission to advance the art of furni­ture making by inspir­ing creativ­ity, promot­ing excel­lence and foster­ing an under­stand­ing of the artform and its place in society.” One of the biggest hurdles furni­ture-makers and exhi­bi­tion venues face is the high cost of ship­ping. Due to its size, weight, fragility, and climate sensi­tiv­ity, furni­ture is often excluded from exhi­bi­tion consid­er­a­tion or other expo­sure oppor­tu­ni­ties in favor of smaller, light-weight items that are less costly and cumber­some to handle. This situ­a­tion not only hinders indi­vid­ual furni­ture artists’ profes­sional advance­ment, it also severely limits the public’s access to presen­ta­tions of quality furni­ture on a local, regional, and national level. The EFASO program aims to directly address this issue by offer­ing merit-based indi­vid­ual and insti­tu­tional grants to defray the high cost of ship­ping furni­ture and sculp­tural objects. The program will award up to 5 indi­vid­ual US-based maker grants at $500 each. The program will award up to 3 grants to US-based exhibit­ing insti­tu­tions (galleries, museums, or related orga­ni­za­tions) at $2,500 each.