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Woodworker, furniture maker, sculptor, illustrator, teacher, coffee drinker, pun troll.

July 172020

Here are several from my sketch­book from the last five months. All are various stages of think­ing about or trying to invent (visual) language around a body of new work. My work often starts out as a sketch that morphs as I think about how I will make it and what mate­ri­als I will use (I use almost only found mate­ri­als, so some­times things have to change dramat­i­cally depend­ing on what I have on hand). I tend to go back and forth between build­ing and drawing a lot, as the pieces evolve and as I have new ques­tions to answer that are easier to try in a drawn form.


IG: @katiehudnall

Katie Hudnall Sketch2
Katie Hudnall Sketch1
Katie Hudnall Sketch3
Katie Hudnall Sketch4