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Artist, Maker, Educator

August 192020

Donald creates sculp­tural instru­ments’, instal­la­tions, video, sound works and images which reframe our view of the natural world. He is inter­ested in reveal­ing ener­gies and events which are beyond our usual percep­tion together with the human expe­ri­ences and histo­ries which under­lie our under­stand­ing of the natural world.

Donald recently completed a Ph.D. at the Australian National Univer­sity where his research focused on the congru­en­cies between the method­olo­gies, aspi­ra­tions and limits of science and art and involved field work in the Arctic (the Sval­bard Arch­i­pel­ago) and the Antarc­tic. The Antarc­tic project was conducted in collab­o­ra­tion with the IceCube Neutrino Obser­va­tory at the South Pole and with the support of a US National Science Foun­da­tion Antarc­tic Artists and Writers Fellowship.

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