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Annie and Ellie on site working

The Furni­ture Society values commu­nity build­ing, collab­o­ra­tion, and creativ­ity found in and around the art and act of furni­ture making. We believe there is purpose beyond making for the market­place and our Craft for a Greater Good program serves as an effec­tive vehicle for support­ing students poised at this point in their life and career towards the pursuit of making, design­ing, and build­ing with deep intention.

Craft for a Greater Good (CGG) is an initia­tive designed to connect with and serve our annual confer­ence cities through part­ner­ships and the creation of impact­ful, loca­tion specific projects. The Furni­ture Society will engage people through the creative problem-solving process of furni­ture making. This will posi­tion craft and design as tools of empow­er­ment and universal connection.

It is with excite­ment that the Furni­ture Society extends an invi­ta­tion to you and your students for involve­ment in our 2022 national confer­ence Working Together taking place in Asheville, NC June 8 – 12. Service, commu­nity, and cultural exchange are at the core of our program­ming and we look forward to recog­niz­ing and involv­ing the students in your program through a panel discus­sion and exhi­bi­tion of work completed through the CGG mission. We under­stand the finan­cial cost of trav­el­ing and attend­ing confer­ences can be prohib­i­tive. The Furni­ture Society will show our commit­ment to secur­ing your involve­ment by offer­ing assist­ant­ships oppor­tu­ni­ties that could defray costs. 

With the involve­ment from your program leading up to and during our annual confer­ence, we intend to reach the following initiatives: 

● Inspire young people to work with their hands, engage in creative problem solving, and under­stand the value of making.

● Exem­plify what our field has to offer, broad­en­ing engage­ment with our members.

● Help iden­tify and meet a need within the community.

● Co-create work with lasting social benefit and impact.

● Expand our membership. 

● Posi­tion our annual gath­er­ings as more than just a single moment in time, but rather as an ongoing plat­form for dialogue and action. 

● Allow our members, who carry a vast amount of knowl­edge, to pass on skill sets to the next generation. 

We hope you will join us this summer! Please reach out to CGG Resi­dent Fellow Ellie Richards with any ques­tions or ideas about how we can work together!

Ellie’s Contact:

greatergoodworkshops@​gmail.​com or