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2003 Award of Distinction Recipient

Crafts­man, Educator

Mr. Keyser’s award was presented on June 14, 2003 by Gail Fredell, who studied with Mr. Keyser at the Rochester Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy in the 1970’s.

William Keyser, Jr.

William A Keyser, Jr. taught furni­ture design at RIT for 34 years, where he received his M.F.A. in l961. He was elected an Amer­i­can Craft Council Fellow in l997, received a Carnegie-Mellon Univer­sity merit award in l998, was awarded the grand prize in Modern Litur­gy’s Visual Arts Awards compe­ti­tion in l986, and received an NEA Fellow­ship in l975. His furni­ture, sculp­ture, and paint­ings for resi­den­tial, corpo­rate, eccle­si­as­ti­cal, and public art use are repre­sented in dozens of museum, univer­sity, corpo­rate, and public collec­tions, such as the Amer­i­can Craft Museum, Eastman Kodak, Johnson Wax Company, and the Mass­a­chu­setts Bay Transportation Authority.

Mr. Keyser has executed over 150 eccle­si­as­ti­cal objects, includ­ing 25 complete sanc­tu­ary ensem­bles, and more than 20 sculp­ture and/​or public art commis­sions, includ­ing a 30-foot long stack lami­nated subway bench at the Alewife T station in Cambridge. In addi­tion to main­tain­ing his studio as a furni­ture maker and sculp­tor, at the time of his award Mr. Keyser was an M.F.A candi­date in paint­ing at RIT.