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2004 Award of Distinction Recipient

Artist, Crafts­man

Mr. Bennet­t’s award was presented June 25, 2004 by his friend Bernice Wollman.


Garry Bennett is cred­ited with orches­trat­ing one of the defin­ing moments in studio furni­ture history. In 1979, after finish­ing a highly sophis­ti­cated padauk wood and glass cabinet for a gallery show, he drove a sixteen-penny nail into the cabi­net’s richly polished door, and subse­quently bent the nail into the surface. He managed to offend a number of colle­gial sensi­bil­i­ties with this act. His response was that he wanted to make a state­ment that I thought people were getting a little too goddamn precious with their tech­nique. I think tricky joinery is just to show, in most instances, that you can do tricky joinery.”

Garry Knox Bennett passed away peace­fully on January 28, 2022 in Oakland, CA