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Olivia Christie is a craft artist and sculp­tor, from Manas­sas, Virginia. Her prac­tice consists of explor­ing a variety of mediums includ­ing metal, wood, knitwear, ceram­ics, and digital fabri­ca­tion. Her work is centered around furni­ture and design that consider inter­ac­tive elements and the idea of home. She is currently living in Rich­mond, Virginia where she is pursu­ing her BFA in Craft and Mate­r­ial Studies with a minor in Sculp­ture and Art History. Her work has been shown in galleries like The Ander­son and The Hawthorn as well as sold at various events in Richmond.

Professional Status
She is currently living in richmond, virginia where she is pursuing her bfa in craft and material studies with a minor in sculpture and art history.