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Fiddle + Hammer is a small Milwau­kee-based furni­ture company dedi­cated to the creation of hand­made heir­loom quality furni­ture. Made from the best mate­ri­als possi­ble, tradi­tional joinery, and a modern aesthetic, the work expresses a love of wood, music, and a rich indus­trial past. The company is owned and led by Jordan Waraksa. Orig­i­nally a sculp­tor and violin­ist, Jordan looks to the furni­ture he creates to blend mediums which can be seen and heard to create an expe­ri­ence you can feel. When chosen tools do more than create, they inspire, they sing – a Fiddle and Hammer.” Most recently, Jordan sold two of his signa­ture creations, The Bella­phone, to the new Goggle offices in New York City and one to Milwaukee’s soon to be unveiled The Joureymen Hotel.

THE BELLA­PHONE Devel­oped over the last decade, Jordan designed and created a wooden horn speaker, The Bella­phone. The Bellaphone’s shape acousti­cally ampli­fies the speak­ers hidden within it’s base. The horn is a testa­ment to harness­ing the reso­nant and warm qual­i­ties of the wood which they are carved from. They range in size from two to six feet tall, and are able to be inte­grated into any system or appli­ca­tion, from a mobile device to home audio systems and theaters. The most recent versions are being created from reclaimed tequila and whiskey barrels – their proto­types were orig­i­nally designed by Jordan to perform the music he writes and records.

Milwaukee, WI
Professional Status
Member until Mar 2, 2020