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Jeremy Kamiya a 2021 square

Short Story: A Free­lance Graphic Designer married a woman from Bali. They began import­ing furni­ture from Indone­sia into a small show­room in his home­town of Durham, NC. People would ask, Did you make these pieces?” He got tired of saying, No.”

He bought some tools and turned to YouTube for instruc­tion. He broke down their imported inven­tory and began apply­ing classic joinery tech­niques to the designs he wanted to bring to life. 

To differ­en­ti­ate himself from others, he formu­lated an ethos, a chal­lenge really, that would inform his work: 

No Nails, No Screws, No Stains. 

Jeremy special­izes in creat­ing one-of-one, custom pieces.

High point, NC
Professional Status
Designer / maker
Member until Jan 19, 2023