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Boyd started their profes­sional career as a hair stylist at the age of 18. After working for for Vidal Sassoon for multi­ple years and study­ing with some of Sassoon’s highest creative direc­tors, Boyd won an inter­na­tional compe­ti­tion with Sassoon in 2007. After moving back to LA, they worked at two salons and proceeded to open their own salon in 2020. Due to the world shut­ting down, Boyd decided to pivot their career and apply their artis­tic talent to wood­work­ing. In spring semes­ter of 2022 they started with Vermont wood­work­ing school.They are excited about the wood­work­ing world and are looking forward to expand­ing their knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence with this sustainable medium.

Burlington, VT
Ig- @xxboyd_boydxx