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Tabitha Babbitt Scholarship for Women in Woodwork Florida School of Woodwork LLC

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Tabitha Babbitt, a Shaker woman, was cred­ited with invent­ing the first circu­lar saw in the late 1800s. She also invented false teeth! This Schol­ar­ship honors her achievements.

This Schol­ar­ship is designed to promote the involve­ment and engage­ment of women and those who iden­tify as female, in the turning, carving, and furni­ture field through a tuition schol­ar­ship to any week-long class at the Florida School of Wood­work. The Schol­ar­ship may also include a small stipend for travel and lodging.


To apply for the schol­ar­ship email Kate@​SchoolofWoodwork.​com with the following:

• The name and date of the class you would like to attend with two other alter­nates if your first choice is not available.

• A brief descrip­tion (100 – 150 words) of why you like to attend

- Please tell us where you are from (national and inter­na­tional applications welcome)

Schol­ar­ship requests will cover the full tuition of any week-long class that is currently avail­able and where deemed appro­pri­ate small travel stipend. The Schol­ar­ship is not trans­fer­able to another person and is specific to the class you select and are approved for.

The Appli­ca­tion period is Dec 1st, 2020 to January 30th, 2021 and will be awarded between Dec 31st and Feb 28th, 2021. Recip­i­ents will be noti­fied by email.

Appli­cants may not have received a grant or schol­ar­ship from the Florida School of Wood­work in the previous year.

This schol­ar­ship covers the full cost of tuition, mate­ri­als, but success­ful appli­cants must confirm their partic­i­pa­tion by paying the stan­dard $45 registration fee.

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