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Endowed Fellowships (funded) Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

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Endowed Fellow­ships provide free studio space and other bene­fits to indi­vid­u­als who are ready to commit anywhere from a month to a year to expand­ing their creative abil­i­ties, plus a stipend of $400/​week.
Yuri and David C

Free studio space in a well-equipped facility

Round-the-clock shop access, including weekends

Atten­dance at demon­stra­tions and lectures by more than 40 outstand­ing profes­sion­als who teach at the school annually

Bi-weekly critiques by faculty and visiting instructors

Access to the Center’s library and gallery

Oppor­tu­nity to partic­i­pate in bien­nial Messler Gallery alumni exhibition

Inter­ac­tion with hundreds of profes­sional and amateur furni­ture makers who partic­i­pate in the Center’s instructional programs

Endowed Fellow­ships come with a stipend of $400/​week, in addi­tion to the above.