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Asheville, NC

June 17 – 202020

Funda­men­tally, furni­ture exists to ready a space for occu­pancy or use. Its mere pres­ence can signal the purpose of a space or invite a partic­u­lar action. Its mate­r­ial, form, and surface design reveals a lot about how it is meant to be used, who made it, as well as provide a connec­tion with the past, a culture, or idea. Recog­niz­ing the essen­tial role that furni­ture fulfills in daily life and in society-at-large, the field of furni­ture wields tremen­dous poten­tial to have a posi­tive impact worldwide. 

This year’s confer­ence is centered around how furni­ture can be used to foster commu­ni­ties, locally and glob­ally, as well as strengthen the commu­nity of furni­ture making by recog­niz­ing a diverse selec­tion of perspec­tives, cultural back­grounds, and ideas. 

UNC Asheville and STEAM Studio in Asheville, NC will be our hosts for this years annual confer­ence. Stay tuned for details on regis­tra­tion, program­ming, accom­mo­da­tions, and more!