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A BFA grad­u­ate of the Cal State Long Beach 3D Media: Wood, Metal, Fiber program, Martin Hernan­dez is an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary crafts person with an empha­sis in tech­ni­cal skill mastery and concep­tual art. His studio prac­tice consid­ers tradi­tional and modern approaches to art as cultural produc­tion, while crit­i­cally engag­ing with design and produc­tion methods that inhabit various contemporary spaces. 

He enjoys teach­ing the nuances of fine furni­ture making at Allied Wood­shop in Los Angeles. He also runs an appren­tice­ship program called the Gateway Appren­tice­ship that aims to bridge the gap between wood­work­ing educa­tion acces­si­bil­ity and the local Los Angeles commu­nity by expos­ing partic­i­pants to a broad under­stand­ing of the craft woodworking field.

Los angeles, CA
Wood, metal, fiber, new media
Professional Status
Furniture maker and media artist
Member until Mar 29, 2022