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Lisa Sacco is a Colorado based designer special­iz­ing in sculptural furniture.
The bold simplic­ity of Lisa’s work belies the tech­ni­cally demand­ing processes of coaxing wood into sculp­tural forms entirely by hand. Each piece is crafted with keen atten­tion to detail and her pared down, form-forward aesthetic blurs the line between art & craft.

Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Photog­ra­phy from Syra­cuse Univer­sity and her career as a photog­ra­pher in New York City has made her an ardent observer of line, texture and form. Through a series of master classes at Ander­son Ranch Arts Center, the Marc Adams School and Red Rocks School Fine Wood­work­ing, Lisa discov­ered her fasci­na­tion and affin­ity for wood­work­ing. She draws inspi­ra­tion from the natural, geomet­ric and organic forms found in art and nature.

Colorado springs, CO
Professional Status
Designer & maker
Member until May 19, 2020