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I’ve always been a wood worker. As a young boy, I often worked in my dad’s base­ment shop. As a young home­owner, I reno­vated several homes myself. While my day job” was in the corpo­rate world, my heart was in the shop. So, at one point I decided to leave my corpo­rate life behind and start Green­wood Bay. These days I have a small but thriv­ing furni­ture busi­ness that special­izes in solid wood. My work has been seen on HGTV, the Houston Chron­i­cle, Houzz, and Luxe maga­zine, among others. Each piece is made completely by hand in my 1,800 square foot shop near downtown Houston.
My website is at www​.green​wood​bay​.net and my email is bob@​greenwoodbay.​net . What can I make for you?

Houston, TX
Wood, metal, stone
Professional Status
Furniture maker, sculptor
Member until Jan 6, 2024