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  • Because Of The People!

    People often ask me why I devote time to the Furniture Society and I always answer, “Because of the people.”

    I believe that humans are essentially tribal and we form communities and groups through shared experiences and interests. Whether you have overcome adversity, experienced triumph and failure, or simply had a laugh with someone, we form connections with others when we spend time together in discussion and debate. I believe true bonds are formed through sharing and I feel those bonds are especially strong when I spend time working for the Furniture Society. Moments I spend with some of the most creative, ingenious, selfless, warm, and passionate people in this field are the most vivid and cherished memories I have. When we join together in discussion, we inspire, challenge, learn and most importantly, connect. These connections are what make the Furniture Society so vital, so important. Think of every conversation you had at a conference, regional event, or exhibition as a single electrical pulse in an international neurological system that connects us all. Every time we engage with someone about furniture, we initiate a pulse that extends beyond ourselves and connects us with like-minded people around the world. The more of these pulses we create, the richer our network becomes and the better off each of us are.

    Today, I ask you to contribute to The Furniture Society in honor of this network we are creating together. Your gift means that you will become a sustaining component of our furniture community today. You are one of the essential connection points that bring our field alive. Your donation enriches the fabric of our community immeasurably.

  • Contribution – Award of Distinction program

    The Furniture Society's Award of Distinction program names and celebrates its aesthetic and intellectual leaders. As a volunteer driven organization, FS is dependent on donor funding to support its programs. Award funds received in excess of the direct program costs will be made available to the Furniture Society’s Educational Grants program. We will be grateful for your tax-deductible contribution to the Awards program.

  • Contribution – Educational Grants program

    The Furniture Society's Educational Grants program was established as an extension of the Society’s Awards of Distinction. We will be very grateful for your tax-deductible contribution to the Awards program, which makes these grants possible.

  • Donation

    Your donation to The Furniture Society helps to support our mission to promote the art of furniture making, and is very much appreciated!