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    NEXUS: The Exhibition


    Application fee for NEXUS: The Exhibition (2018)

  • Because Of The People!

    People often ask me why I devote time to the Furniture Society and I always answer, “Because of the people.”

    I believe that humans are essentially tribal and we form communities and groups through shared experiences and interests. Whether you have overcome adversity, experienced triumph and failure, or simply had a laugh with someone, we form connections with others when we spend time together in discussion and debate. I believe true bonds are formed through sharing and I feel those bonds are especially strong when I spend time working for the Furniture Society. Moments I spend with some of the most creative, ingenious, selfless, warm, and passionate people in this field are the most vivid and cherished memories I have. When we join together in discussion, we inspire, challenge, learn and most importantly, connect. These connections are what make the Furniture Society so vital, so important. Think of every conversation you had at a conference, regional event, or exhibition as a single electrical pulse in an international neurological system that connects us all. Every time we engage with someone about furniture, we initiate a pulse that extends beyond ourselves and connects us with like-minded people around the world. The more of these pulses we create, the richer our network becomes and the better off each of us are.

    Today, I ask you to contribute to The Furniture Society in honor of this network we are creating together. Your gift means that you will become a sustaining component of our furniture community today. You are one of the essential connection points that bring our field alive. Your donation enriches the fabric of our community immeasurably.

  • FS18 Tee Shirt


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  • Rooted: Creating a Sense of Place: Contemporary Studio Furniture


    The movement to buy locally, which has gained momentum in the areas of produce and food, is now spreading to arts and crafts. Through the work of over seventy contemporary furniture makers, the role of place in the creative process is explored and celebrated. Whether in terms of materials, inspiration, or the interaction with customers, these artists are rooted in their surroundings. What springs from these roots is usually unique, often edgy, and always beautiful furniture and accessories. Over 150 examples of their work are shown in full color, with ample detail photographs so the reader gets an intimate look at the skill and artistic instincts of these makers. Essays by furniture makers and leaders in the craft world amplify the visual feast and help the reader understand the vision, motivation, and inspiration that give impetus to the artists and inform their work.

  • Contribution – Award of Distinction program

    The Furniture Society's Award of Distinction program names and celebrates its aesthetic and intellectual leaders. As a volunteer driven organization, FS is dependent on donor funding to support its programs. Award funds received in excess of the direct program costs will be made available to the Furniture Society’s Educational Grants program. We will be grateful for your tax-deductible contribution to the Awards program.

  • Contribution – Educational Grants program

    The Furniture Society's Educational Grants program was established as an extension of the Society’s Awards of Distinction. We will be very grateful for your tax-deductible contribution to the Awards program, which makes these grants possible.

  • Donation

    Your donation to The Furniture Society helps to support our mission to promote the art of furniture making, and is very much appreciated!

  • The Maker's Hand: American Studio Furniture, 1940 - 1990

    The Maker’s Hand: American Studio Furniture 1940 – 1990


    The Maker’s Hand is one of the first books about the studio furniture movement, and no doubt the most authoritative.  Written by two leading experts in the field, it details the history and development of studio furniture, from its origins in post-World War II America through its explosion in the “back-to-nature” sixties, metamorphosis in the “techno” seventies, and professional emergence in the eighties.  Along the way, the authors show how changes in American tastes, technology, and culture have influenced these pieces.  Also included are extensive biographies of some forty furniture makers, as well as guides to the main exhibitions, schools, and galleries.  Profusely illustrated with works by Castle, Maloof, Mary Gregory, John Cederquist, Judy Kensley McKie, and many others, this is an indispensable guide to the inventive, often witty, always surprising world of studio furniture.

  • Mind & Hand: Contemporary Studio Furniture

    Mind & Hand: Contemporary Studio Furniture


    Mind & Hand: Contemporary Studio Furniture 

    This book demonstrates the beautiful contemporary furniture that is designed and made by furniture makers who are members of The Furniture Society.  The Society's conference, Fusions: Minds & Hands Shaping Our Future, convened June 16-19, 2010, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge.

  • Furniture Studio: The Meaning of Craft


    Furniture Studio book 5

    The Meaning of Craft

    Making any kind of furniture relies upon careful design, fine materials, and exacting craftsmanship.  Scale, function, and detailing are critically important.  Yes the current interest in Minimalism has turned away from craft, igniting fierce debate about its role and meaning in art and interiors.  Studio furniture makers wrestle with this dilemma even as they infuse their work with meaning and value.  Readers interested in current trends in art, interiors, and architecture will be enlightened and entertained by the essays and photos in this book.

  • Furniture Studio: Focus on Materials

    4 out of 5

    Furniture Studio book 4

    Furniture Studio: Focus on Materials builds on the success of Furniture Studio book 3: Furniture Makers Exploring Digital Technologies and continues The Furniture Society’s support for critical writing in the field of studio furniture.

    Although today’s studio furniture makers continue to favor wood as their primary material, many also work with a large variety of new and old materials including metal, glass, leather, plastic, stone, and concrete.

  • Furniture Studio: Furniture Makers Exploring Digital Technologies


    Furniture Studio book 3

    Essays and photos in this book show and discuss imaginative, beautifully made pieces of extraordinary contemporary furniture.  Some of the featured artists have made the most of digital tools and techniques, while others have hardly begun.  But as in past eras of rapid technological change, good work only gets better as it integrates new tools, new materials, new processes, and new ways of thinking.

  • Furniture Studio: Tradition in Contemporary Furniture

    3 out of 5

    Furniture Studio book 2

    Studio furniture speaks in many ways.  Through colors, textures, forms, functions, images, and ideas, great furniture enriches daily life.  It contributes ease and order as well as energy and depth to contemporary interiors.  Evolving from traditions cultivated through centuries of craftsmanship, and advancing today’s important art movements, studio furniture makers build subtle and complex meaning into their designs.  With a beautiful color photos and thought-provoking essays, this book celebrates the best in studio furniture.

  • Furniture Studio: The Heart of the Functional Arts


    Furniture Studio book 1

    Who says furniture has to be ordinary?

    Not this exciting collection of essays and photos about today’s studio furniture movement.  The art and craft of making fine furniture has regained its place at the heart of the functional arts.  This richly layered collection of provocative essays, inquisitive articles, and gorgeous images shows today’s studio furniture at its very best.  You’ll learn what studio furniture is, what’s so compelling about it, how to buy it, and how it will enhance your home.