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Woodworking Lead Faculty Vermont Wood­work­ing School

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Please note: this opportunity has expired!
The Vermont Wood­work­ing School is looking for a warm, creative, passion­ate teacher with exten­sive wood­work­ing know-how who is excited to educate the next gener­a­tion of furniture-makers.

We’re looking for a warm, creative, passion­ate teacher with exten­sive wood­work­ing know-how who is excited to educate the next gener­a­tion of furniture-makers. 

Through a safe, inclu­sive envi­ron­ment and chal­leng­ing courses, the Vermont Wood­work­ing School fosters a creative commu­nity and educates the next gener­a­tion of fine furni­ture makers in hands-on programs that teach both tradi­tional and contem­po­rary wood­work­ing tech­niques executed at the highest level. We teach college-aged and adult students in our semes­ter-based Immer­sion Program, and we also offer short-form work­shops for those looking to dip their toes in the craft.

Now in its 15th year, the Vermont Wood­work­ing School is looking for a lead faculty member who is inspired by this mission and wants to help us take our program into a new era. This faculty member will both work on updat­ing & guiding our Immer­sion Program curricu­lum and will also teach core classes within this curricu­lum. We’re looking for someone with a big vision, who loves commu­nity, and who has high stan­dards. We’re excited to receive your application! 

Expec­ta­tions & Responsibilities

• The lead faculty member drives the acad­e­mic program­ming for the school. They will work with lead­er­ship to update our curricu­lum, and will work to imple­ment it across all class levels. 

• The lead faculty member will teach two core classes a semes­ter, with the option of teach­ing elec­tives of their choice as well. 

• The lead faculty member will teach students how to effec­tively use a 3d modeling program.

• The lead faculty member is the curricu­lum expert. They will review and approve all syllabi and primary assign­ments for each course. 

• The lead faculty member will create and enforce clear grading poli­cies and stan­dards for each course; these rubrics will be shared with students to assist in track­ing their progress.

• The lead faculty member will partic­i­pate in acad­e­mic conver­sa­tions regard­ing students across all courses. 

• The lead faculty member is expected to be up to date about current pedo­log­i­cal thought around art schools and trade schools. Lead faculty is expected to attend at least one rele­vant profes­sional devel­op­ment program per year, selected in conjunc­tion with admin­is­tra­tion and paid for by Vermont Woodworking School. 

• The lead faculty member (and all other faculty members) are expected to support all students, across the dura­tion of the program, in working to learn the subject mate­r­ial and complete their projects. They should appear avail­able and approach­able to students at any level. 

• The lead faculty member will set an example of the safety stan­dards at VWS (ie., wearing safety glasses when oper­at­ing any machin­ery, using push sticks, etc.).

• The lead faculty member will set a tone of inclu­sive, profes­sional behav­ior among both students and staff. They will treat all members of staff and students equally, and with respect. 


• Excep­tional skill in advanced wood­work­ing, furni­ture design, and furni­ture build­ing is manda­tory. This includes advanced joinery, veneer­ing & bending tech­niques, hand-tool wood­work­ing, and machine-based woodworking. 

• Capable of model­ing in a profes­sional model­ing & render­ing soft­ware (ie, Solid­Works, Fusion360, Rhino, etc.). 

• A passion for teach­ing is absolutely manda­tory; teach­ing expe­ri­ence is required. 

MFA or similar acad­e­mic train­ing is preferred. 

Compen­sa­tion & Benefits 

• Salary: $50,000 per year. 

• Daily sched­ule: 9am-12pm, 1:30pm-5pm.

• Time off between semes­ters and during breaks (total of 12 weeks per year)

• Personal days: 10 days. 

• Staff members have 24/7 access to the shop and may work on what­ever projects they choose, as long as the work doesn’t inter­fere with student work or with the staff member’s job responsibilities. 

Appli­ca­tion Requirements

• Please send all appli­ca­tions to Cather­ine Emil at catherine@​vermontwoodworkingschool.​com by August 192022.

• Appli­ca­tions should include a short cover letter, your resume or CV, and samples of your work.

• Please include three profes­sional refer­ences. Refer­ences will not be called without advance notice.