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Wood Studio Assistant Opportunity Peters Valley School of Craft

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Gain hands-on studio expe­ri­ence assist­ing instruc­tors, artist fellows & students during the work­shop season. This is an inten­sive, fully immer­sive resi­dency program for emerg­ing artists. Stipend + Lodging/​Meals provided
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Assis­tants help studio managers, visit­ing instruc­tors and students during work­shops. They are respon­si­ble for work­shop set-up prep and clean-up, under the direc­tion of the Studio Manager. Assis­tants are present and provide support in the studio through­out the work­shop and during some evening hours. Housing is provided at no charge during the program in a shared dormi­tory build­ing. Meals are also provided at no charge when the Peters Valley Dining Hall is open. Assis­tants have the oppor­tu­nity to partic­i­pate in each work­shop in their studio, subject to the needs and require­ments of assist­ing instruc­tors and students. They are also given one free work­shop in any studio and oppor­tu­ni­ties to sell and show their work. Assis­tants will also have access to and use of studio equip­ment during class down­time. Assist­ant­ships are avail­able for one to four months at a time during the summer season (mid-May through mid-Septem­ber) but full-season appli­ca­tions are encour­aged. Assis­tants receive a stipend of $350 per week (up to 18 weeks) to offset expenses and materials costs.

Working knowl­edge of studio equip­ment and mate­ri­als and good customer service skills are required.

Dead­line to Apply is March 152022