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Transforming Wood with Powercarving with KRISTIN LEVIER Pocosin Arts

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Join us on-campus for this five day work­shop from June 6 to June 102022.
Kristin Le Vier

Trans­form­ing Wood with Powercarving


June 6 – 102022

Turn plain wood planks, banged up furni­ture parts and discards from Good­will into objects of beauty using surface-carving skills (textur­ing, relief carving, pierc­ing), basic design and finish­ing tech­niques. These skills trans­late to orna­ment­ing furni­ture and turned objects, creat­ing stamps and rollers for ceramic work, and media beyond wood. Work­shop time will mostly be spent using micro­mo­tor power­carvers, but band­saws, angle grinders, sanders and files will be used as well. The tech­niques learned directly apply to the use of larger power­carv­ing tools and can serve as a spring­board for large-scale future work.

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