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John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship The Society of Arts & Crafts

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Please note: this opportunity has expired!

The John D. Mineck Foun­da­tion was formed in 2007 to award char­i­ta­ble and educa­tional gifts reflect­ing John D. Mineck’s inter­ests and values. 

The Society of Arts and Crafts excited to announce the 2019 John D. Mineck Furni­ture Fellow­ship.

John was a past Pres­i­dent of the Society of Arts and Crafts Board of Trustees and a beloved member of Boston’s cultural commu­nity. He was a friend to every­one he met and it was always impor­tant to him to stay in touch with new and old friends alike — reach­ing out, offer­ing to help, being support­ive and engaged.

The Furni­ture Fellow­ship devel­oped from John’s love for making fine furni­ture and the skill, passion, and dedi­ca­tion exhib­ited by those in the field. In an effort to support the craft that John loved and the people who make it, the John D. Mineck Foun­da­tion created this Fellow­ship to encour­age and support a young-in-career furni­ture artist with the finan­cial assis­tance to help them succeed in their journey. Through the generos­ity of the Foun­da­tion, we are able to award $25,000 annu­ally to an artist who demon­strates skill and commit­ment to their craft.

This cohort repre­sents the qual­i­ties John appre­ci­ated in the field: talent in making, explo­ration and growth of new ideas, and the impor­tance of a commu­nity that supports each other. Their work demon­strates the possi­bil­i­ties in making — a variety of tech­niques, design aesthet­ics, and func­tional forms. The Society of Arts and Crafts would like to extend our grat­i­tude to the John D. Mineck Foun­da­tion for making this Fellow­ship a possibility.

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