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Haystack Mountain School of Crafts — Session 6 Workshop Openings in Wood Re-maker’s Work: Cooper­ing a Wine Barrel into Smaller Functional Vessels

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Space is still avail­able in this excit­ing work­shop! This work­shop will be a primer on the art and mystery of the cooper’s trade. We will explore the mechan­ics and bound­aries of construct­ing barrels and buckets by decon­struct­ing a previ­ously used wine barrel. Remak­ing”

MARSHALL SCHEETZ is a prac­tic­ing cooper based in Williams­burg, Virginia. He served a six-year appren­tice­ship under a tradi­tional master cooper. Inspired by histor­i­cal research, he prac­tices tight, dry, and white cooper­ing and creates accu­rate repro­duc­tions of period cooper­age includ­ing hogsheads, barrels, firkins, canteens, butter churns, tubs, and buckets, along with art work inspired by the trade. Marshall is an histo­rian and researches the cooper’s trade with an empha­sis on the 18th and 19th centuries. Collab­o­ra­tion with researchers, archae­ol­o­gists, cura­tors, and other trades­men further his under­stand­ing about the art and science of cooper­ing and coop­ered contain­ers. He is owner of Jamestown Cooper­age. jamestown​cooper​age​.com

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