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Calls, Calls for Nomination

Call for Nominations! The Furniture Society’s Award of Distinction 2020 Who will YOU nominate?

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Please note: this opportunity has expired!

Submit your nomi­na­tions for the Furni­ture Soci­ety’s 2020 Award of Distinc­tion, recog­nizing and cele­brating an indi­vid­ual or insti­tu­tion recog­nized as having had a profound impact on our field. The Award is intended to strengthen the fabric of the Furni­ture Soci­ety’s commu­nity by naming and cele­brat­ing its aesthetic and intellectual leaders.

Who do you think deserves to join this illus­tri­ous group of people who exem­plify lives and work devoted to study, work and craft, and to the educa­tion of others? 

Past honorees include Sam Maloof, James Krenov, Tage Frid, Wendell Castle, Art Espenet Carpen­ter, John Make­peace, Alan Peters, Jere Osgood, Jonathan Fair­banks, William Keyser, Garry Knox Bennett, Judy Kensley McKie, Tommy Simpson, Michael Fortune, Walker Weed, Wendy Maruyama, Vladimir Kagan, John Cederquist, Rosanne Somer­son, Warren & Bebe Johnson, Thomas Hucker, Edward S. Cooke, and Craig Nutt, and Tom Loeser.

In order to nomi­nate an indi­vid­ual, you must be a current Furni­ture Society Member, but please note that your nomi­na­tions need not be. Your support­ing state­ment needs to be as thor­ough as possi­ble, and nomi­na­tors should provide a strong testa­ment to the nomi­nees. The jury’s deci­sion will be announced in January 2020 and the award will be presented at the Furni­ture Society’s confer­ence in Asheville, NC in 2020.

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