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Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Writer’s Resi­dency

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1‑week resi­dency for appli­cant with demon­strated inter­est in writing about the furniture field.

  • Room & board 
  • Travel stipend of up to $500 to defray travel costs.
  • Resi­dent will have access to all ongoing work­shops for obser­va­tion, research, and conver­sa­tion, but will not be an enrolled student.

The grant serves three purposes:

Scholar will produce a text about the furni­ture field (in the broadest sense).

Arrow­mont School of Arts and Crafts and The Furni­ture Society will actively support publi­ca­tion of the resident’s writing in rele­vant, to-be-determined outlets.

Writing emerg­ing from this expe­ri­ence will serve to promote the Arrow­mont library and its compre­hen­sive hold­ings as an impor­tant resource for the field of craft.

2020 Educational Grant Guidelines & Application