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Adjunct Faculty, Fine Woodworking Santa Fe Community College

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Seeking an adjunct faculty to teach wood­turn­ing and help oversee a dedi­cated turning studio as part of a compre­hen­sive Fine Woodworking Program.
SFCC Turning Studio

Santa Fe Commu­nity College is seeking a part-time faculty to teach wood­turn­ing in its Fine Wood­work­ing Program. The turning studio occu­pies a dedi­cated 1050 square foot space and can accom­mo­date 8 students. Equip­ment to suit the needs of bowl turners, artists, and furni­ture students is avail­able. Addi­tion­ally, two other adja­cent studios support furni­ture design and making, and carving classes. Our ideal candi­date would teach 2 – 3 classes per semes­ter, work with our Program Head and Shop Tech­ni­cian to oversee the turning facil­ity and develop special­ized work­shops in addi­tion to our regular credit class schedule. 

SFCC offers a Certifi­cate and Asso­ciate Degree related to studies in the Fine Wood­work­ing Program. Our students develop skills to pursue self-employ­ment, find jobs in custom wood­work­ing, or support a serious woodworking avocation.