The Business of Adaptable Furniture

Thursday, June 14, 2018
11:30 AM -  12:15 PM

Campaign was built to fill a huge gap in the market: sell quality furniture at an affordable price. We understood that in order to succeed, the two fundamental issues we had to address were shipping and manufacturing, which are inevitably the biggest costs to any furniture business. How did we solve for this? And how did we build a business model around those solutions?

This presentation will walk through Campaign’s thoughtful decisions around design, materials, packaging, manufacturing, and shipping–all of which deviate from traditional furniture companies.

I’ll delve into our product’s two modes–shipping and assembly–and how we developed our chair, loveseat, and sofa from the box up. We’ll cover our use of steel and the development of our removable cover system, allowing us to design a full suite of accessories and parts that can be bought to change or upgrade your piece at any time. I’ll discuss why manufacturing in the United States was important to us. And ultimately, I’ll explain how we’re able to ship you a customized, adaptable sofa in 4-7 business days (with free shipping).