Thursday, June 23, 2016

Epoxy Sealer for Furniture Making

10:15:00 AM -  12:15:00 PM

Penetrating Epoxy Sealer is a nearly water thin 2 part epoxy mixture that absorbs into wood and gives marine grade surface protection. Learn how to incorporate this product into your work to give an added layer of protection to help insure longevity.

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Making a Mark: Color, Texture and Line on Wood

01:30:00 PM -  02:45:00 PM

This demonstration will feature a number of techniques that can be used by the furniture maker to embellish the surface of wood. While wood is inherently beautiful, its beauty can be amplified by the combination or addition of color and pattern.

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Using Carbon Fiber in Furniture Building

03:00:00 PM -  05:00:00 PM

I will show how carbon fiber can be used to strengthen and stiffen delicate designs and joinery and also to visually enhance the appearance of a piece of furniture. I will discuss materials and applications and use slides and examples to demonstrate it’s effectiveness.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Collaboration in a Digital Age

02:45:00 PM -  05:00:00 PM

Collaboration in a digital age will present how Philadelphia based Staack Moore Woodworking has expanded the scope of their design and production. Examples of their collaborative work through automated processes and fine woodworking methods with other traditional crafts people will be presented.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Steel Driver (Wood Carver) Blues

03:00:00 PM -  05:00:00 PM

John Henry beat that steam drill, baby, laid his hammer beside the road (all painted in red) and he fell down and died. Is there still a place in the 21st century for a hammer and a piece of steel? Craig Nutt joined by fellow wood carvers Paul Sasso, Alf Sharp, Amy Forsyth, and Michael […]

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Analog Animation With Digital Tools

11:00 AM -  11:45 AM

I am working with the Shaper Origin and a wood lathe to create an ancient form of animation called the Zoetrope. When the piece is spun under the flashing light of a strobe a series of inlayed images will create the illusion of motion on the surface of the vessel. My talk will cover a […]

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Understanding the CNC workflow for the Shopbot, an overview

12:00 PM -  12:45 PM

The robots are coming! CNC machines and design software are a race to the bottom and its time to get on board! This workshop will be a demonstration of the Shopbot Desktop MAX, and a discussion of the software workflows that are involved in the in the path from ideation to realization. We will be […]

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