Artist Presentations

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Geometry in Islamic Design: History, Practice, and Possibilities

4:15 PM -  5:00 PM

The geometry found in Islamic design is a sophisticated language of motifs and patterns, but unlike the aesthetic traditions of Europe, Scandinavia, or Japan, it is almost entirely unrepresented in the studio furniture movement. In this image-rich presentation, Beston Barnett will survey historical and modern examples of interest to furniture-makers, and then discuss his own […]

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How Wood Can Change State

4:15 PM -  5:00 PM

What if you take a 4X4 and cut kerfs a bandsaw can’t cut — with a water jet? Kerfed wood that bends in two dimensions can bloom in three dimensions, seeming to stretch and expand in volume.. Tests were made with a 55,00 psi water jet and a stream bag to create architectural-scale, sculptural elements. […]

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You’re Allowed To Laugh

4:15 PM -  5:00 PM

Evelyn will discuss how her path as furniture maker and upholsterer (alternative and traditional) led her to seek joy, human connection, and self-discovery in the shop and out in the community.

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Constructed Identity: Furniture as a Stand-in

12:15 PM -  1:00 PM

Trained in furniture and sculpture, for several years, I considered my mind and practice to be divided. I felt by the careful precision and possibility of expertise with diligent practice available in woodworking, and the experimentation and non-media specificity offered by sculpture. For my presentation, I would like to elaborate on how the combination of […]

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US Craft Bureau

11:00 AM -  5:00 PM

The U.S. Craft Bureau is Peter’s newest exploration into using woodworking for social practice. At FS18: Nexus, he will be using a bicycle based mobile woodshop to offer services, education and resources to conference participants and local passerby. The Bureau’s motto is: “To Advance the Union of Thinking and Doing.”

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Slice Lab – Delicate Density, Concrete Meets 3D Printing

4:15 PM -  5:00 PM

Concrete exploration using 3D printed molds with a goal to see how delicate / detailed finite concrete can get while still being structurally rigid. 3D printing concrete directly is starting to emerge but the designed strength of the material is in the traditional means of casting. Using 3D printing as a new way to create […]

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Becoming James Krenov

12:00 PM -  12:45 PM

James Krenov (1920-2009) became famous for his poetic, sensitive, and anti-establishment approach to woodworking. His method, both material and philosophical, became widely known through a series of books he wrote throughout the 70s and early 80s, reputed to be the best selling craft books ever. Through writing that is simultaneously formal and casually anecdotal, rambling […]

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The Craft of Digital Customization in Furniture

4:15 PM -  5:00 PM

Paul Munson has worked as a furniture maker serving design professionals for more than a decade. To meet the demands of a competitive custom furniture market he and his team have designed a dynamic furniture collection with a unique workflow software that addresses the challenges of mass customization.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Blurring The Edges Of Craft Through Collaboration

12:00 PM -  12:45 PM

Collaboration has been an essential part of Michael Cullen’s lifelong relationship with craft. His main interest in giving this talk is to encourage people to step away or out of their world to experience how others work and create.  Michael likes to say that the materials may differ but the language of creating is a […]

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