Levitt Auditorium

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Conference Introduction

08:30:00 AM -  09:00:00 AM

Welcome to the FS16 Craft-Facturing! Hosted by the Furniture Society Celebrating 20 Years and Locally Hosted by the Center for Art in Wood Celebrating 30 Years and the University of the Arts!

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Tyler Hays and the Story of BDDW

09:00:00 AM -  10:00:00 AM

Introduced by Chris Poehlmann. The epitome of craft/fracturing, BDDW is a world renowned furniture company that Tyler Hays, the founder and designer, started 20 years ago as a studio furniture maker. He now has 100 employees and is likely the most technologically driven shop in the industry, run by people who can hand cut dovetails.

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Friday, June 24, 2016


10:00:00 AM -  11:00:00 AM

Introduced by Steffi Dotson. Mr. Castle will be discussing “how art, creativity and critical thinking combine to influence an artist’s approach to their work.” He will share anecdotes from his lengthy career and discuss how digital technology has impacted his work.

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Distinctive Company

01:15:00 PM -  02:30:00 PM

A conversation with recipients of the Furniture Society’s highest honor — the Award of Distinction. Wendell Castle, Edward S. Cooke, Jr., Michael Fortune, Thomas Hucker, William Keyser, Wendy Maruyama, Rosanne Somerson and Bebe Pritam Johnson will respond to questions posed by their peers about life, work, art and utility.

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Slidewars + FS 20 Year(s)book

07:00:00 PM -  09:30:00 PM

Slide Wars is the most popular event at conference each year! Your work will be projected on a giant screen and you will be encouraged to narrate your thoughts and aspirations about your work. Everyone attending the conference can participate! + Furniture Society 20 Year(s)book! We are also putting together a show of FS events […]

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Award of Distinction Ceremony

11:15:00 AM -  12:00:00 PM

The Furniture Society is proud to announce two recipients of its coveted 2016 Award of Distinction:  Edward (Ned) S. Cooke, Jr. and Thomas Hucker. Their awards will be presented at a luncheon ceremony on June 24 at the Furniture Society’s 20th anniversary conference in Philadelphia. Jonathan Prown, Executive Director and Chief Curator of The Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee, WI will present the […]

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Award of Distinction Celebratory Lunch

12:00:00 pm -  01:00:00 pm

Please join us for a casual lunch after the Award of Distinction Ceremony. The informal lunch setting will allow an opportunity to mix and mingle with those around you. This lunch is a ticketed event, and is included with a 3 Day Pass. 1 Day Pass holders can purchase tickets here under “A la carte […]

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Investing Wood Culture in a Sustainable Development

09:00:00 AM -  09:50:00 AM

This presentation outlines the interdisciplinary platform promoted by IWCS for the global interests in wood and introduces ongoing projects in relation to furniture making and design, which invites ideas and discussion on the potential involvement and sustainable development.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Furniture Society Members Meeting

09:00:00 AM -  11:00:00 AM

This event offers an opportunity for Furniture Society members to assemble and learn about the current state of the organization, hear about upcoming projects and developments, share news, and to have an open dialogue with the Board of Trustees. Please join us!

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FEATURED SPEAKER – Michael Hurwitz – Sponsored by American Craft Council

11:15:00 AM -  12:15:00 PM

Introduced by Jon Binzen. Michael Hurwitz will discuss the evolution of his work over the course of thirty seven years, focusing on how a collection of impressions and vague notions eventually translate into furniture forms.

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