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Our new online initiative!

Offer­ing useful, mean­ing­ful, and inter­est­ing resources that have lasting impact.

Stay tuned for new, weekly short-format content and videos, and one live-program­ming event a month enabling viewers to join in or watch later.

FS Connects Sketch

A new initia­tive to share ideas and in-process think­ing from some­ones sketch­book every Monday on social media.

Send us your sketch and we just might feature you on Insta­gram!

FS Connects Videos

Infor­ma­tive content to help you engage with our community

Reuben Foat

TFS Board Member, Furniture Maker & Educator

We can use this time to research, draw, and design our next project… This video for the Furni­ture Society is a mashup of demos I created for my students.

Patrick Dougherty

North Carolina based Sculpture, Carpenter and lover of Nature!

In Craft in Amer­i­ca’s Nature Episode, Patrick discusses his begin­nings at build­ing and exper­i­ment­ing with tree saplings as construc­tion mate­r­ial and how that has trans­lated into large scale, interactive sculptures.

In honor of those students who are grad­u­at­ing, but are unable to have a phys­i­cal exhi­bi­tion, we are pleased to recog­nize them for their hard work and a job well done. Congrat­u­la­tions and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for you!

Don’t miss our Commu­nity Resources page for makers, small busi­nesses, educa­tors, and organizations. 

Help us continue to create new and excit­ing programs such as these. Thank you!