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To nomi­nate your candi­date for this pres­ti­gious award, please fill out this form no later than Novem­ber 302023.

You must be a current member to submit a nomination

The Furni­ture Society

2024 Award of Distinc­tion Call for Nominations

For the past 23 years, through the Award of Distinc­tion program, The Furni­ture Society has been honor­ing and recog­niz­ing indi­vid­u­als or insti­tu­tions who have demon­strated outstand­ing achieve­ments and long­stand­ing commit­ment to the advance­ment of the art of furni­ture. The award cele­brates those who have had a profound impact on the field, and whose lives, work and efforts have strength­ened the fabric of the field and the Furni­ture Society’s commu­nity. Past honorees have included Sam Maloof, James Krenov, Wendell Castle, Garry Knox Bennett, Michael Fortune, Tommy Simpson, Wendy Maruyama, Rosanne Somer­son, Warren & Bebe Johnson, Thomas Hucker, Craig Nutt, Tom Loeser, and Kristina Madsen, Miguel Gomez-Ibanez, Ronald Abram­son, Mira Nakashima, and Michael Puryear. 

See a complete list of honorees and learn more about our AoD program HERE

Recog­niz­ing indi­vid­u­als who embody the values we prize and cele­brat­ing their contri­bu­tions shines a light on the entire field of furni­ture making,” said Craig Nutt who was invited by The Furni­ture Society Board of Trustees to chair the Award of Distinction program.

The three jurors for the 2024 Award delib­er­a­tions selected by TFS are Kristina Madsen, John Lavine, and Glenn Adamson, each of whom comes to the table with a differ­ent perspec­tive and an inti­mate knowl­edge of the contem­po­rary furni­ture making scene. Faced with the formi­da­ble task of eval­u­at­ing nomi­nees with differ­ent rela­tion­ships to the field, various aesthetic approaches, and diverse contri­bu­tions to the art of furni­ture making, the committee’s delib­er­a­tions will be substan­tive, fair, and lively. 

All nomi­na­tions are done by current Furni­ture Society members…so cast your vote. We liter­ally couldn’t do this without you! 

Any current member of The Furni­ture Society may submit a nomi­na­tion of an indi­vid­ual or insti­tu­tion whom you feel is deserv­ing of consid­er­a­tion and cele­bra­tion. While YOU need to be a member of The Furni­ture Society, those whom you are nomi­nat­ing DO NOT.

Please make sure, when submit­ting your nomi­na­tions that you: 

  • are a current member of TFS

  • complete this form no later than Novem­ber 302023

  • include as much support­ing infor­ma­tion about why you feel this person or insti­tu­tion should be consid­ered. Being thor­ough and clear in your state­ment will help the jury under­stand your nomination better. 

In your nomi­na­tion, please be sure to include the follow­ing infor­ma­tion about your nominee: 

  • What achieve­ments, advance­ments or signif­i­cant contri­bu­tions have they made to the field?

  • What impact have they had on the furniture community?

  • How have they advo­cated for the field?

  • How have they supported The Furni­ture Society, its members and the field as a whole? 

The jury’s deci­sion will be announced in January 2024

If nominee does not have a website, please link to a page that represents nominee's work
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