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FS20: Building Place, Shaping Identity, Creating Community

Submit your confer­ence presen­ta­tion propos­als by midnight (EST) January 132020.

Loca­tion Part­ners: UNC Asheville and STEAM Studio in beau­ti­ful Asheville, NC 

Dates: June 17 – 202020

Funda­men­tally, furni­ture exists to ready a space for occu­pancy or use. Its mere pres­ence can signal the purpose of a space or invite a partic­u­lar action. Its mate­r­ial, form, and surface design reveals a lot about how it is meant to be used, who made it, as well as provide a connec­tion with the past, a culture, or idea. Recog­niz­ing the essen­tial role that furni­ture fulfills in daily life and in society-at-large, the field of furni­ture wields tremen­dous poten­tial to have a posi­tive impact world­wide. This year’s confer­ence is centered around how furni­ture can be used to foster commu­ni­ties, locally and glob­ally, as well as strengthen the commu­nity of furni­ture making by recog­niz­ing a diverse selec­tion of perspec­tives, cultural back­grounds, and ideas. 

  • How can the field address impor­tant issues that affect differ­ent commu­ni­ties and invite public engagement?
  • What are the chal­lenges that the field faces in terms of its inclu­siv­ity, growth, and stability? 
  • How is furni­ture used to embody the iden­tity of a maker, the user, and/​or the larger community? 
  • What are the ways in which furni­ture can promote a sense of belong­ing and fellowship? 
  • In answer­ing these ques­tions, we welcome propos­als that refer­ence differ­ent media, time periods, cultures, and a range of aesthetic, social, and intellectual considerations.

Do you want to be a part of the conver­sa­tion at our upcom­ing confer­ence in Asheville? Submit your presen­ta­tion propos­als for our upcom­ing confer­ence by filling out the form below by January 13, midnight EST.


  • Program­ming at the FS20 confer­ence will offer multi­ple perspec­tives blend­ing artist presen­ta­tions with contem­po­rary topics rele­vant to the studio furni­ture commu­nity. Addi­tion­ally, we will host demon­stra­tions and hands-on work­shops at the confer­ence venue. Presen­ta­tions will range from tech­nique-driven topics, high­light indi­vid­ual prac­tices, and feature histor­i­cal, contem­po­rary, and emerg­ing makers impor­tant to the studio furniture field.
  • The plan­ning commit­tee is primar­ily inter­ested in solo presen­ta­tions and work­shops that expand on the conference theme.
  • A small speaker stipend and confer­ence pass will be provided for those presen­ta­tions selected by the selection committee.
  • Presen­ta­tion selec­tions will be made by end of Febru­ary 2020. Noti­fi­ca­tions by early March 2020.
Please describe the nature and content of your presentation in 700 words or less. Include the names of any other parties, besides yourself, that have already committed to this presentation or workshop.
If visuals are essential to the explanation of the proposal, they should be submitted as a single pdf attachment here, no more than 4 MB in file size.