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Hyatt Head Shot

Guided by tradi­tional mate­r­ial and processes, using contem­po­rary indus­trial furni­ture design methods, I am a crafts­man. My work blends my lived expe­ri­ences with my craft-design inter­ests. Using non-literal repre­sen­ta­tions, my furni­ture seeks to reflect my personal memo­ries in subtle fash­ions. These can be found in the details, mate­ri­als and profiles that I use. Staying curious in the present, I am constantly reminded of where I come from, which guides where my work goes. I have a unique story to tell and am constantly evolv­ing toward an authen­tic voice from which my pieces aim to exhibit. From foster youth to veteran adult­hood, I have over­come many trials and tribu­la­tion. Telling my story in a palat­able manner, I work to imple­ment my lessons and memo­ries into my craft­work. First sketch­ing through ideas and think­ing of ways I can make func­tional furni­ture from them. Then puzzling through the design and craft process to execute those ideas into tangi­ble objects. There are many creative outlets I could have chan­neled my creativ­ity into but furni­ture has a special place to me. Furni­ture is some­thing we inter­act with every­day. It is art, yet func­tional. It elevates living spaces which elevate living people. It brings back memo­ries and helps facil­i­tate new ones. It’s phys­i­cal & emotional. It’s ugly. It’s sexy. It’s engag­ing. My pieces on a super­fi­cial level, hope to display aesthetic beauty, but further inves­ti­ga­tion would reveal my niche story and elicit deeper curiosity.

Los angeles, CA
Wood, upholstery, metal
Professional Status
Member until Feb 16, 2023