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Furniture society profile 2021

I’ve been making my whole life. I have a Masters in Art from the Univer­sity of Guam, and am currently complet­ing a program in Fine Furni­ture Making from Vermont Wood­work­ing School. I work in a variety of mediums, but am currently excited about wood, wood burning, and gold leaf. I love the process of rescu­ing remnants” by using left­over pieces from previ­ous works, or found mate­ri­als that would other­wise be scrapped. Natural resources are limited and I am commit­ted to conserv­ing as much as possi­ble. I find the redeem­ing quality of this process an encour­ag­ing metaphor for life: that some­thing that seems broken and discarded can be made new and whole and beautiful.

www​.kimber​ly​mann​.com IG: @maker.kimberlymann

, VT
Member until Aug 31, 2022