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G Snyder Shochet was born and raised in coal country in North­east­ern Penn­syl­va­nia and was the first person in her family to attend college. After a child­hood spent helping her father restore antique cars, repair mechan­i­cal cash regis­ters, and rehab old houses, G never lost her love of working with her hands. G’s two carpen­ter great-grand­fa­thers’ hand tools and her contrac­tor grandfather’s draft­ing tools still have pride of place in her workshop. 

G lives with her spouse of twenty-five years in an 1865 stone farm­house that is a perpet­ual work in progress. Over many years she has filled it with modest exam­ples of vernac­u­lar Amer­i­can furni­ture; some rescued and repaired, some designed and built by G. During an appren­tice­ship with a Balti­more jeweler, G learned to cast recy­cled silver into ingots to make sheet and wire, and to cut and set semi precious stones. Not wanting to put hand­made pendants on commer­cially made chains, G learned to make tradi­tional chains from fine silver wire.

G has recently renewed her life­long love of photog­ra­phy with an empha­sis on high­light­ing the work of women and non-gender-conform­ing furni­ture makers. She volun­teers her time at both A Work­shop of Our Own and the Gemcut­ters Guild of Baltimore.

Baltimore, MD
Wood, stone, metal, photography
Professional Status
Maker, freelance photographer