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I am an artist / designer living in Chicago Illi­nois. I design and make sculp­tural objects and furni­ture, primar­ily with wood. I explore new ways of using mate­ri­als, and find ways to use tech­nol­ogy in a manner that doesn’t make human ability obso­lete. My process is grounded in sketch­ing, writing, and phys­i­cal proto­typ­ing. I also use 3D model­ing and print­ing to create forms I can’t achieve by hand. I strive to create arti­facts that incite curios­ity and care by high­light­ing the mystery within the ordi­nary and clar­i­fy­ing the simplic­ity within complex­ity. My work is informed by a desire to under­stand reality. I enjoy learn­ing from science, philos­o­phy, horti­cul­ture, psychol­ogy, poetry, and spir­i­tu­al­ity. I love being in nature, riding my bike, prac­tic­ing yoga, tai chi, and rock climbing.

Chicago, IL
Professional Status
Furniture / object designer