Profile of Fyrn _

Fyrn is a San Francisco company producing award-winning design made in California and built to last a lifetime. The word Fyrn is an Old English prefix, pronounced "fē, yərn/," meaning: ancient, of old. The name marks the company's roots in traditional furniture making by people that take pride in working with their hands to make useful and beautiful things. Fyrn's first product line, the innovative Stemn series, leverages a system of hardware, parts, and pieces highlighting the strength of metal and the warmth of wood and upholstery. The featured design element is an exposed, patented bracket that allows the high-quality furniture to assemble and ship easily. The series includes dining chairs and stools of varying heights both with and without backs. In 2017, Fyrn won two Architizer A+ Awards for product design, a Best of The Year award by Interior Design Magazine and most recently, a European based A' Design Award for the Stemn Series. Fyrn products are built to last, repairable when unforeseen circumstances occur, and finishes are easily customized to suit the design of your spaces.