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Being a member of the Furni­ture Society for the past 10 years has bene­fited me in more ways than one. Having received an educa­tional grant in the past, it has helped propel my career forward, and allowed me to not only expand my wood­work­ing knowl­edge, but also oppor­tu­ni­ties to meet other makers and crafts­peo­ple from all around. The Furni­ture Society is an invalu­able resource for any emerg­ing furniture maker.”

- Sophie Glenn, Educa­tional Grant Schol­ar­ship recip­i­ent, Furni­ture Maker

Dear Friend of the Furniture Society, 

Our goal for this 2022 campaign is to raise funds to support our program­matic efforts serving makers of all ages, loca­tions, and back­grounds. Thanks to a match­ing grant from the Schooner Foun­da­tion, the first $10,000 raised will make TWICE the impact!

Reflect­ing on what we have accom­plished in 2022, it is clear that we have grown in so many direc­tions, plant­ing seeds of initia­tives, projects, part­ner­ships, rela­tion­ships, and hopes for the future. This period of great change and growth gives us much to celebrate! 

  • Wrap­ping up two years in Asheville with Craft For a Greater Good (CGG) and our part­ner­ship with BeLoved and UNCAsheville’s Steam Studio

  • Receiv­ing gener­ous support for our CGG program from the Maxwell Hanra­han Foun­da­tion, the Sara Little Turn­bull Foun­da­tion and the Robyn & John Horn Foundation

  • Hosting 11 virtual programs through FS Connects

  • Award­ing five Educa­tional Grant scholarships

  • Honor­ing three indi­vid­u­als with the Award of Distinc­tion and record­ing inter­views with past AoD recipients

  • Produc­ing a virtual summer conference

  • Award­ing 20 schol­ar­ships to attend the confer­ence and receive 1‑year memberships

  • Gath­er­ing for an in-person work­shop at Peters Valley, our Educa­tional Grant Partner

Capston­ing this era of growth and devel­op­ment, two things, in partic­u­lar, are worth high­light­ing and that we are so proud of:

  • The launch of our Profes­sional Devel­op­ment Series: The Nuts & Bolts of Running Your Busi­ness, made possi­ble through gener­ous and contin­ued support from the Schooner Foun­da­tion. This program seeks to promote diver­sity and equity across our field by making program­ming such as this acces­si­ble for all inter­ested, and provides funding for schol­ar­ships for underrepresented makers. 

  • Finally being able to come together, in person, next summer in New Orleans for our annual confer­ence! Our work will continue with Craft For a Greater Good in this new host-city and in part­ner­ship with YAYA, a youth service organization. 

What better way to cele­brate all that we have accom­plished than an in-person commu­nity gath­er­ing with our collec­tive passion for furni­ture as our centralizing force!

Please consider making a tax-deductible contri­bu­tion in support of our numer­ous programs, efforts, and part­ner­ships. Contri­bu­tions will go towards advanc­ing and sustain­ing the future of our field as a whole. When we live our values, we can trans­form our field and advance new ideas!

With Grat­i­tude,

Monica C. Hampton
Exec­u­tive Director

OR Send a check made payable to The Furniture Society” 

The Furni­ture Society / P.O. Box 547, Bangall, NY 12506 / www​.furnsoc​.org

Advanc­ing the art of furni­ture making by inspir­ing creativ­ity, promot­ing excel­lence, and foster­ing an under­stand­ing of this art & its place in society.